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About - Oneida Trail

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Family Circle
Michelle and Chris’ actions formalize more and more from simplicity. We care. We share. These principles pave our future. We hope this website offers a space to share our self-empowered lives; lives focused on the road, not the destination. We hope to encourage other people and couples to break away from restricting capitalist lifestyles. Perfection doesn’t exist here, but an honest attempt at bettering our surroundings and ourselves does. Take what you like, and share with us what ya know and do.

We’re continually exploring the balance between full-time jobs and full-time living. We seek to define our values and adhere to them. Here are examples of life-alterations we’ve employed to adhere to our values:

What we Value

What we Do


Limit work we don’t love or contradicts our ideals (stress), no shit food, exercise more, move around a lot, holistic remedies and limits to “band-aid” western science solutions.

High-Nutrition Food & a Resilient Food Industry

Grow your own food, cook from scratch, take care of your own livestock, only eat at restaurants that support your values, organic or local, go to regional market or co-op.


Extreme limits on animal food products, tiny house w/o fossil fuels, sold car, bike around more, exercise outside (XC skiing, running, biking). Add to nature instead of only taking through compost and soil building. Develop rain harvesting systems and future off-grid homes.

People over Materialism

Help family with tasks and their projects, stop buying shit, refurbish old things, build what you need, get addicted to craigslist. Buy stuff that liberates you (food growing items, resilient lifestyle items).

Respect for all Sentient Beings

We’re at a 95% plant-based diet. We eat eggs from the chickens we raise. We are looking to buy land to really give more and more life habitats.