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The Farm - Oneida Trail

The Farm

Coming soon…

Our farmland or acreage will be purchased or shared after we finish building our Tiny House.  We hope to provide a bounty of local vegetables, canned goods, mushrooms, dog food, and endurance treats to supply to friends, neighbors and customers. We’re hoping to live on land in a vibrant community in the Hudson Valley or Finger Lakes region. We’ll keep ya posted, and let us know if you have any suggestions!

Check out our Homestead page and blog to reference ways to utilize small lots for food production.

For fun, here are our starry eyed dreams and how we’d like to view wealth:

  • Natural Swimming Pool
  • Fish and Duck Pond
  • Shiitake Corridor/Forest Area
  • Large Chicken Runs/Moveable
  • Yoga Studio or Platform
  • Outdoor Showers
  • U-Pick Berries Area
  • Green House with Old Windows
  • Retirement Nut Grove
  • You Pick Flower Area
  • 5k Edible Run
  • Bees and Bats Habitat
  • Art studio/Writer’s retreat
  • Cob Oven and Outdoor Kitchen