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Craftsman Services - Oneida Trail

Craftsman Services

Repurposing materials guides our craft, giving life to the forgotten or abandoned. Our projects and furniture represent a direct statement by transforming a waste stream into something that can last over multiple generations. We utilize real and honest materials; materials that can be easily harvested, recycled, or repurposed.

Skills Include:

  • Small Furniture Construction
  • Antique and Stressed Painting
  • Wood Burning and Design
  • Memorabilia Gifts: Family and Friends
  • General Contracting: Floors, Walls, Insulation, Roofs, etc.

Moveable Chicken Coop

  • Holds 5-6 hens.
  • Easy Access for eggs and feeders.
  • Handles for two people or wheels for one.
  • Natural wood roost.
  • Stenciled flowers and stress painted aesthetic.
Salvaged Construction:
  • Utilized leftover and reused 2x4s and plywood.
  • Reused lawn mower wheels.
  • Discounted oops paints.

Poultry Chalet

  • Seven hens maximum.
  • Safety: Underneath chicken wire.
  • Each side of the roof lifts up for cleaning.
  • Side doors for egg harvesting.
  • Natural wood roost.
Salvaged Construction:
  • Reused wood from Pa’s burn pile!
  • Leftover shingles from roofing job.
  • Discounted oops paints.

Dog Crate

  • Stressed Painted.
  • Medium Size Dog.
  • End-table/Dog Crate Combo.
  • Open floor to limit weight.
Salvaged Construction:
  • Repurposed bed-frame boards.
  • Discounted oops paints.
  • Leftover scraps of plywood.

Cat Step-Up Table

  • Stressed Sanded and Polyurethaned.
  • Small elderly cat table or foot rest.
Salvaged Construction:
  • Repurposed wooden couch.

Seed Library Chest

  • Wood burned floral design.
  • Chest style box.
  • Golden plated hardware.
  • Seasonal and plant family organization.
Salvaged Construction:
  • Repurposed bed-frame boards.
  • Scrap pieces of wood for joints.


  • Design on computer.
  • Burn into various woods.
  • Protect with finishing coat.

General Contracting

With and without my father, I renovate and do general contracting work.
  • Remodeling bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Refinishing wood floors or new floor installations.
  • Antique painting for wooden railings.