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Tiny House - Oneida Trail

Tiny House

“Only dead fish float with the stream.” Restructuring our living space remains an ethical decision driven by our strengthening values and growing actions to create an economic, healthy, and stable framework for our future family, strangers and friends. We hope to offer an adaptable framework for living.

“The Oneida” Tiny House Design Elements:

  • Off-Grid Water, Heating, Electric Systems
  • Salvaged Materials and Honest Materials Construction
  • Large Kitchen Space
  • Future Small Companion Studio for Additional Work and Office Space
Our paradigm shifting choice to downsize is coaxed by but not limited to liberating and terrifying reasons.

The Liberating:

  • People over Materialism
  • Self-Identified Daily Living with Limited Hypocrisy
  • Permaculture Principles
  • Stuff Purging
  • Big Life, Small House Concept
  • Community Action, Energy, and Food Independence & Freedom

The Terrifying:

  • Peak Energy Crisis (Oil, Coal, Gas, Phosphorous, etc.)
  • Climate Chaos and Potential Human Extinction
  • Decline and Eventual Collapse of the Industrial Age
  • Wealth Inequality and American Wealth Indicators
  • American Lifestyles Sustained by Violence, Pollutants, and Injustice
  • Planned Obsolesce and Wasteful Consumption
Please utilize our blog for assistance with your own tiny dwelling adventures and advice or to learn about alternative and resilient energy actions for your current home.

Explore the construction process pictures, move-in ready pictures or our tiny house with all of our stuff in it.

construction overviewmove in readymove in  

Recommended Resources:

These will get you started. Visit our Guidance page for more books, films, and media.
  • The Small House Book – Jay Shafer
  • The Tiny Tack HouseChris and Malissa’s site
  • The Resilient Farm and Homestead: An Innovative Permaculture and Whole Systems Design Approach by Ben Falk
  • Nature Bats Last website: Guy Mcpherson. Find his talks on youtube.
  • Four Horsemen: The Survival Manual by Ross Ashcroft and Mark Braund. Watch their free film on youtube.